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North Dakota Occupational Therapy Association
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NDOTA is excited to announce our 2016 Fall conference.  This years conference will be held in Fargo at the Holiday Inn on October 22, 2016.  We will be having a 2 track conference this year.  Each speaker listed will present for 2 hours. 
Adult Track:
Sarah Ochoa:  Tests & Measures: Enhancing Outcomes for the Older Adult
IPAT:   AT for Aging:  Memory, Safety, Hearing and Vision
Nikki Wegner:  Positive Interaction & Enhancing Mealtime for Dementia
 Pediatric Track:
IPAT:  Independence, Safety & Learning: There Might be Assistive Technology for That!
Dr. Meidinger :  Neuropsychological Assessement & Current Practice Issues
Dr. McCulley:  The OT's Role in Vision Therapy
The SIS will be held on Friday evening, October 21, 2016.  Our presenters will be: 
Erika Briggs:  Yoga & Mindfulness Strategies for Self Regulation
 Kelli Erdmann & Christie Lindemann :  Animal Assisted Therapy
A postcard will be arriving soon to remind you of this great conference.  More details and online registration will be available on September 10th! 

Exciting Opportunity to Celebrate 100 Years of Occupational Therapy!
On September 10, 2015, the Tournament of Roses® Executive Committee accepted the Occupational Therapy Centennial Float as an official entry in the 2017 Annual Tournament of Rose® Parade. The Occupational Therapy Centennial Float will honor the 100-year history of the profession, representing over 350,000 occupational therapy practitioners and millions of consumers world-wide.   
To support the costs of float design and construction $300,000 needs to be raised. As part of our fundraising campaign, all occupational therapy academic programs in the country (161 OT professional programs and 113 OTA programs) will be asked to donate a minimum of $1,000 to help us meet this goal. The University of North Dakota has asked NDOTA to help spread the word to our members in order to allow everyone to get in on this exciting chance to promote our profession! You can read more information and donate at the following link:

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